How Northwell Health used medical research in the face of a global pandemic – Northwell Careers

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How Northwell Health used medical research in the face of a global pandemic – Northwell Careers

How Northwell Health used medical research in the face of a global pandemic

Northwell Health implements innovation and technology to lead the industry. One of Northwell Health’s most valued resources is its home of medical research, The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. The Feinstein Institutes is comprised of more than 5,000 scientists and staff make groundbreaking discoveries in a number of areas such as, clinical trials, cancer, bioelectronic medicine and health outcomes. Researchers responsible for making key discoveries in autoimmune disease, sepsis, inflammation, and Parkinson’s disease, shifted their focus to help the fight against COVID-19.

As New York became the epicenter of the virus, the Feinstein Institutes went into action immediately. Within a month, Feinstein Institutes staff worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork to enroll more than 1,300 patients in seven clinical trials and programs. By collaborating with pharmaceutical leaders like Gilead, Sanofi and Regeneron, cutting-edge treatment was offered to Northwell Health patients hospitalized for COVID-19.

What’s worth noting here is not only the spirit of collaboration during a state of emergency, but the role medical research played in trying to find a reliable cure. As Dr. Kevin J. Tracey, CEO of the Feinstein Institutes notes, “Medical research will lead in our nation’s ability to reverse the fatal spread of viruses.” The Feinstein Institutes empowers its researchers and they are fully supported in their fields of practice where they are valued beyond measure. For Betsy Barnes, Feinstein Institutes investigator, the opportunities that have been available to her at Northwell have increased her industry knowledge and confidence in working around disease. So when it came to being called upon to help during a time of uncertainty around COVID-19, she was more than ready to begin research. When asked how it felt to know the impact of her work during a global pandemic, she explains, “It is a wonderful feeling to know I am able to apply my knowledge in a way that is beneficial to patients. We are doing everything we can to work quickly and collaboratively with hopes of producing knowledge that will cure COVID-19 and other health issues.”

The Feinstein Institutes partnered with the Mayo Clinic in joining a network that is working on novel, experimental therapy through the use of antibody testing for those who may have been identified with COVID-19, but are no longer asymptomatic. The incredible work wouldn’t be possible without the commitment its staff shares to delivering excellence. Excellence that inspires positive change for patients who trust Northwell every day. At the Feinstein Institutes’ Institute of Health Innovations & Outcomes Research, Professor Joseph Conigliaro, MD, gleams when speaking about his team. He says, “I am proud of the work my research team and I accomplished in such a short time for COVID-19 research – we are exhausted, but exhilarated and fulfilled in knowing conducting research is beneficial to patients in our health system, and to patients around the world.”

Working in the healthcare industry can be online dissertation writing trying, especially when a global pandemic is added to the equation. However, with the leadership of Dr. Tracey and others who empower the imaginations of team members like Drs. Barnes and Conigliaro, the Feinstein Institutes will stand firm in their mission to produce knowledge to cure disease.

If you’re interested in career opportunities within The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, click here.

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