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Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

For the average Windows user, the blue screen often signifies the end of the computer. Always keep your windows updated and Make Sure your installed drivers are up to date.

How to quickly check the .NET Framework version

Scan for Malware– There could be dangerous malicious software that is causing your blue screen of deaths. If it’s there, it could be hiding somewhere in the Windows kernel. The best solution is to scan your PC for malware and delete malware and viruses. Firstly, you will need to pinpoint the STOP code and this will explain the problem zlib1.dll missing. There are other solutions to show you how to fix a blue screen. To fix the blue screen of death problem, there are actually simple ways. If your computer often crashes with a BSOD error code, this doesn’t mean you need to buy a new device.

  • Uninstall them, and be sure to back up any save files or settings.
  • The quickest way to do this is to uninstall space-hogging programs.
  • If you have a full storage drive or not much room to begin with, you’ll need to make some room.
  • The OS is installed on a storage drive, so the failure to load that OS can be indicative of a problem with the drive.
  • Below is an overview of issues you may encounter while scanning network devices, and information on how to fix them.

Update the drivers, uninstall recently used or recently installed software, and disconnect external hardware and see if the problem is fixed. If none of this works, follow the steps in the additional tips described below. If none of the above tips works and your computer continues to display the blue screen when upgrading to Windows 10, format your PC and perform a clean installation. To do this, you must first download the installation files and then save them to a USB drive or DVD.

Uncomplicated Dll Errors Programs – An Analysis

If you notice Windows 10 blue screen error started after a recent driver upgrade. That cause Roll back driver option is useful, that revert the driver to the previous version. This can be more expensive to deal with for a company than an individual but it is still best to avert it when you can. If the problem can be solved in the house this will be best but it is not always an option. If a file becomes corrupted you will not be able to open or use it. On occasions they can be repaired, but often will be lost and need to be replaced. Look for the newest drivers– Go to your PC’s manufacturer website and look for updated hardware drivers.

The blue screen of death error is one of the most annoying system crashes unique to Windows computers. The critical failure has been around since the Windows 1.0 era and continues to be unresolved by Microsoft. A typical BSOD scenario involves a problem with the PC’s hardware, like a driver that’s gone bad, or a software issue, like a virus infection. Upon encountering such a problem, Windows throws up a STOP Error and crashes. Subsequently, a complete reboot is in order, which will doom any data that’s unsaved. The problem with fixing the blue screen isn’t the blue screen itself – you have to figure out which of its many causes is the culprit.

Disconnect everything you can , and reboot your computer to see if the problem has been fixed. If all is fine, reconnect the hardware, one at a time, and restart to see if you can locate the culprit process. Changing the quick start setting may also cause the so-called blue screen of death. This option is located in the Control Panel, in the “Hardware and Sound” section.