Why EU minimum wage is really bad

Why EU minimum wage is really bad

The EU can simply work in those certain places where its user nations have actually authorised it to take action, through the EU treaties.

With regards to labour market policy, the treaty is quite clear. Pay, the best of relationship, the ability to strike while the directly to lock-out aren’t problems where in fact the EU can act. Any make an effort to circumvent this could probably, and rightfully, be contested and brought prior to the Court that is european of.

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A concern of broad and present interest is the latest EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen’s announced effort on launching an EU legal tool on the absolute minimum wage in the very very very first 100 times of her duration in workplace.

The accountable commissioner, Nicolas Schmit, has established that a primary outline will undoubtedly be posted on Tuesday (January 14th. )

Due to the fact president of just one of the biggest trade union confederations when you look at the EU, I begin to see the requirement for good working conditions and decent pay in every user states. Continue reading “Why EU minimum wage is really bad”

6 Classes Learned Dating In Russia While Training Russian

6 Classes Learned Dating In Russia While Training Russian

Stephanie Ford • 11 min read • 12

Today’s post is through Stephanie, another Australian who has got started Russian that is learning while in Russia.

In this post she shares about her experience as a female dating in Russia while learning the language. That is a subject I have actually a lot to say about myself as I experienced a Russian gf within my amount of time in Kazan that I partly credit with assisting me discover the language therefore quickly (links to my tale below).

So that it’s interesting to listen to another perspective – especially one which respects the original values of Russian culture. ??

Russia is portrayed into the western as being a cool, difficult destination with some magical architecture, countless vodka shots, and a frontrunner whom dances with bears and whom, for many unfathomable explanation, never ever wears a top. Continue reading “6 Classes Learned Dating In Russia While Training Russian”