3 Best Solutions to Inspect Not New Computer Performance After Updating Drivers

Hit the OK tab below the pane to save the changes. Check if the procedure above fixes the “DNS server is not responding error. Next, select Value on the right pane and enter your MAC address, which you noted earlier.

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How to backup the entire Registry on Windows 10

You can either choose to use Google Public DNS Servers or Use the following DNS server addresses to manually configure a DNS server for wikidll.com/the-curl-library Windows 10. And various causes can be attributable to the DNS server does not work on Windows 10, what you need to do is to troubleshoot this issue comprehensively from different perspectives.

In some cases, Windows updates may lack new drivers available. In such situations, head over to your computer manufacture support website to download the latest driver. Hit the Search automatically for updated driver software option. Remember to check the box, “Validate settings upon exit” before clicking on the OK button.

  • The registry files can be seen if you access your current hard drive from another Windows installation.
  • Before the Windows Registry, both program applications and system components stored settings in special text files with the extension ini.
  • These files are hidden directly by the kernel and file system.
  • Still, if you are very curious, you can make them visible.
  • The Windows Registry is spread across different folders, in data files which are hidden by Windows.

Then decide to Search automatically for updated driver software. In Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties, tick the choices of Obtain DNS server address automatically and OK to take effect.

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Next, right-click on your connection and select Properties from the drop-down menu. It will open a list of information about configuration. The User Account Control prompt will ask you if you want to allow the Command Prompt to make changes to your computer, select yes to access cmd with administrative privileges. Manufacturers of network interface controller are the one who assigns Mac Addresses they store the address in its hardware such as the card`s read-only memory or other firmware mechanisms. Select the name of your adapter, right-click it, and select Properties. Press the Windows key + X to access the Power User menu and select Device Manager.

To get this software, you can click on above link. This Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol also helps to assign primary and secondary DNS server addresses except assigning the private IP address to your PC. One of the many reasons for the error might be the inappropriate connection from the ISP. Sometimes, if your Internet Service Provider makes any mistake, then you might also face the error.

If you don’t have enough time, patience or computer skills to update driver software manually, then you can try “Automatic Driver update software” to update it automatically. This software will automatically recognized your computer and find the latest driver software for it.

If you`re experiencing this problem, you don’t need to worry, because the dns error is readily fixable. It is very likely that your ISP’s DNS server has encountered downtime . So, you will need to use another DNS server to continue accessing the web. There are several DNS providers and you can use any of them . However, I would personally recommend you to try Cloudflare’s DNS. Click “Scan Your PC” button to scan all present issues, errors, junk files, and malware threats.